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Our Reviews

What Investors Say about HighMark

"Our investment with HighMark Equity Partners has exceeded their projections and my expectations." – R.W., Southfield, MI

“I have known Robert for decades and know he is a man of integrity. I am pleased with my investment in HighMark--it has exceeded my expectations.” – D.H., Rochester Hills, MI

"I invested a lot with Robert because I trust him, and I am very pleased with the outcome." – R.R., Los Gatos, CA

"I used to work with Robert, and I saw him keep his word to customers even when things changed and it cost him." – N.B., Farmington Hills MI

"Robert cares, it's shown by his attention to detail and hands-on approach. I can relax because I know he's on it." – T.M., Novi MI

"I'm happy with my investment with Robert and HighMark; I would not hesitate to invest again." – R.L., White Lake, MI

"This is by far my best performing investment, I only wish I could have invested more, and I would do so in a heartbeat." – R.B., Waterford, MI

What Tenants Say About Us

“You are a great landlord!” - one of the many longstanding tenants

"Thank you for your hard work beautifying the facility and for keeping us safe. - largest tenant

"We'd like to stay here forever." - 3rd largest tenant, a national tenant with more than 15,000 locations

"You are doing all the right things, making all right choices." - a tenant on why they felt so comfortable renewing their lease even with a bump in rent

"We've seen you more in a month than we saw [the prior ownership] in ten years." - another longstanding tenant

"Robert is a good man." - a doctor introducing Robert to new staff

“Thank you for taking such good care of us.” – Key employee of largest tenant

What People Say About Robert Church

"I have a long history with Robert and I trust his very wide experience... it is invaluable to us." -R.O., Farmington Hills, MI

"I have enjoyed working side by side with Robert over the past thirteen years. His analytical approach to business and the importance he places on relationships are two ingredients to his success." -M.D., Chesterfield Twp., MI

"Robert's understanding of the industry, is very unique and I appreciate his honesty. I have the highest trust in him." -G.M., Grosse Pointe, MI

"I hold Robert in the highest esteem, I have a great deal of respect for his character, he is above reproach with regard to integrity, a consummate professional, and has become a dear friend." -L.M., Eastpointe, MI

"I find Robert easy to work with. He's big on informing and educating. I've never felt pressured, he is objective, and open to alternative viewpoints, so we just discuss everything." -R.B., Waterford, MI

"Robert is a great leader and mentor, exhibiting the highest degree of integrity in and ever-evolving business world." -K.B., Shelby Township MI

"After many years working closely with Robert and seeing him approach challenges with wisdom, I would recommend him to anyone seeking advice; his partnership with us has been of enormous benefit." -D.O., Farmington, MI