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Highmark Equity Partners LLC has steadily grown into a full-service provider offering a wide range of services to both residential and commercial clients in the area.

Our Mission

Experts say the “Why Question” must always be answered before the “How Question.”

Our mission at HighMark Equity Partners is

To create and carefully oversee high-return, safe, passive-income streams for its investors, to free them to spend more time on their most meaningful life activities and goals.

Sustained by Honesty And Integrity

As an organization we take pride in the reputation we have for excellence in everything we do. It has been earned through hard-work, dedication to the mission, and a very strong commitment to excellence and diligent attention to every detail for our investors.

But nothing is more important than honesty and integrity. They permeate our business model. Everything we do, we do with pride, passion, and the utmost care. Our investors have come to appreciate our culture of professionalism, dedication, and excellence. If you choose to learn how we do things and ultimately invest with us, rest assured you’ll come to appreciate it too.

Highmark Equity Partners LLC: founded on trust and sustained by honesty, and integrity.

Founded on Trust and Experience

From our founder:

I wanted to create a unique commercial real estate investment company, one that could bring the outsized returns that professionally-managed real estate brings to high-net-worth individuals and families - to regular people.

Most of our investors are young families, retirees, widows. Most do not have large sums to invest. Most need the monthly income our investments provide to live on. Most are not financial gurus. The key to our success with these folks has been trust.

For years I worked at the top of corporate finance, often also managing the finances of company ownership. I treated the management of these funds with utmost integrity, discharging what is known as a “fiduciary responsibility” over millions of dollars. There has never been a question in the minds of those I served that I would hold to the highest of ethical and moral standards. In truth I treat the funds of others more carefully than my own.

Today we are a professional operation with years of experience in the industry. We have earned the respect of our peers in the industry, the trust of potential investors, and the unwavering confidence of our existing investors.

-Robert Church July, 2021

What people are saying about Robert Church

"I have a long history with Robert and I trust his very wide experience... it is invaluable to us."

-R.O. Farmington Hills, MI

"I have enjoyed working side by side with Robert over the past thirteen years. His analytical approach to business and the importance he places on relationships are two ingredients to his success."

-M.D. Chesterfield Twp., MI

"Robert's understanding of the industry, is very unique and I appreciate his honesty. I have the highest trust in him."

-G.M. Grosse Pointe, MI

"I hold Robert in the highest esteem, I have a great deal of respect for his character, he is above reproach with regard to integrity, a consummate professional, and has become a dear friend."

-L.M. Eastpointe, MI

"I find Robert easy to work with. He's big on informing and educating. I've never felt pressured, he is objective, and open to alternative viewpoints, so we just discuss everything."

-R.B. Waterford, MI

"Robert is a great leader and mentor, exhibiting the highest degree of integrity in and ever-evolving business world."

-K.B. Shelby Township MI

"After many years working closely with Robert and seeing him approach challenges with wisdom, I would recommend him to anyone seeking advice; his partnership with us has been of enormous benefit."

-D.O. Farmington, MI