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Learn more about the syndication process by watching the slide shows below.

Part 1: The Basics and Our Process

Part 2: Investor Payment and LLC Ownership

Part 3: What Happens If...

HighMark is proud to work with Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust Company was founded in 1974 on the belief that individuals stand in the best position to manage their own retirement accounts - in whatever investment vehicle they choose. ETC believes people should not be limited in their investment options as they work towards the retirement they envision. ETC works hard to to make it safe, simple, and fast for people to take control of their retirement savings. ETC enables you to invest beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Your retirement funds are unlocked penalty free; you keep all of the tax benefits. You'll have easy access to them and full checkbook control. HighMark has achieved a certification and been welcomed to join ETC's self-directed investment platform. Now you can invest with us using your retirement funds.