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HighMark Equity Partners is a private-equity commercial real estate investment company headquartered in metropolitan Detroit, focused on delivering a superior investor experience. Our mission:

To create and carefully oversee high-return, safe, passive-income streams for its investors, to free them to spend more time on their most meaningful life activities and goals.

The HighMark team specializes in finding and acquiring triple net-lease properties within southeast Michigan. Using our experience and resources, we take an extremely patient, disciplined approach to identify solid investment properties. We scour the market daily identifying good candidate properties, 99% are eliminated in the first round. Then we carefully examine each remaining property, underwriting them with our rigorous standards. For the few that pass this stage, we set out to procure them at the absolute lowest price. The result is unprecedented investment yield and safety. How determined are we to find the best possible investment property? For each property we've gotten under contract, it required:

  • 9,000 properties had to be examined to find
  • 110 properties to be underwritten to result in
  • 16 offers made to get
  • 1 under contract

Next, with our hands-on approach to the due diligence process, after negotiating the best price, we verify the quality of investment through coordinated professional onsite inspections, as well as set up financing and property management.

Our goal is to always protect investor capital while achieving the maximum performance and value for each property. We are now attracting the attention of accredited investors from across the country.

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The HighMark Team embraces a "safety-first" mentality for our investors. It's not just a buzz word; it's something that permeates every investment decision we make.

  • We are super selective about the properties we acquire.
  • Our due diligence process is extremely thorough.
  • Our investors are treated preferentially.


Our team will guide you through the investing process. Get to know us!

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